No one has actually asked me any questions. People just seem to be excited to have an anarchist ham radio zine. But here’s one to start us off:

Do you have a ham radio license?

Yes. I have a General license and I’m slowly building up to my Amateur Extra.

What’s your call sign?

I’m not going to share that information as my government name and location could easily be found based on my call sign. I’d prefer to avoid becoming a target of political violence and harassment.

What about numbers stations?

(A few people have actually asked me this.)

What about them? They’re cool, I guess. Look up One Time Pads. I think that’s really what people wanna know about when they ask about numbers stations. Personally I don’t find them to be very practical. But they are cool. And it should go without saying that doing illegal things is illegal. Here’s a “schedule” of numbers stations transmissions you can listen to, either with your own radio, or with a Web SDR. https://priyom.org/number-stations/station-schedule

Ham radio for Anarchists